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It began with velasquez purchase of a mustang notchback from shelby in 1965. Make sure to check out all the available options, though, because they include a 700 horsepower performance upgrade, an adjustable suspension, upgraded brakes, and a number of interior. The car called the shelby gts is based on the ford mustang fastback. The shelby magazine is a digital publication of shelby american in. Attention to detail and the use of refinished original or nos parts were a priority, this was instrumental in the car achieving multiple trophies. Given the length of this straight, this speed differential represented a loss of over 10. Probably one of the strangest chapters in the shelby story concerns carroll shelby s partnership with mexican businessman eduardo velasquez. When you are done and want to return to the nvsaac main page click the banner at the top.

Serial numbers for the 50th anniversary cars ran from csx8950 to csx8999. The shelby cars will be built to order and delivered with a shelby american serial number for documentation in the shelby american worldwide registry. Shelby legendary cars continues the heritage of shelby american s world famous 1960s cobras, coupes and. Redesigned to make it easier to find what youre looking for. We are often asked if the information contained in them is available online. Sixt brings exclusive supercharged shelby mustang to the. This 1966 shelby gt350 is an original paint survivor. If not, turn with us now, in your voluminous shelby american world registry tomes to page 584 where rick kopec chronicles the story of the legendary hertz rental g. It is listed in the 2011 shelby american world registry.

This book is the world registry for the famed shelby cobra, shelby mustang and ford gt series cars produced between 1962 and 1970, listing production figures, ownership records, equipment for standard, factory installed and competition racing options, more. They were in mexico but still full on shelby coupes with all the fiberglass front and rear and stripes and the whole works. The shelby coupes that raced trans am in the us were shelby s without the bodywork of a shelby but still shelbys. Smith company located in ionia, michigan 19681985, whittier, california 19861998 and las vegas, nevada since 1998. We love cars and its amazing to continue what carroll shelby started over 50 years ago. Genuine 427 shelby competition cobra racecar production goes. It has an exterior color of red and was ordered on july 19, 1966. The maverick is fords most successful car, selling more units in its first year than the original mustang did.

This program and its contents are for the exclusive and confidential use of shelby automobiles. The ford maverick was built from 1970 to 1977 and the mercury version, the comet, was built from 1971 to 1977. Their values were beginning to rise in direct proportion to the interest and enthusiasm for them. Because they are so desirable, shelby vehicles are the most cloned and copied vehicles in the world. Lot 75 1968 ac cobra 427 roadster par brian angliss artcurial. Shelby cobras were dominating american sports car racing, and designer pete brock and the car builders at shelby american were busy working on a kammtailed coupe to challenge ferrari on the world racing circuit. The registry is currently available in three separate hardcover books. Shelby american brings world s most powerful street production muscle car back to the new york auto show.

Get your kindle here, or download a free kindle reading app. Chrome bumpers were included, too, and each also has a place in the official shelby registry. Shelby american announces 50th anniversary cobra daytona. Shelby menu shelby news shelby mustang links join shelby registry shelby events moca website moca forum boss registry concours guidlines. The 50th anniversary edition csx 8000 is one of shelby american s latest offerings. Documentation of your shelby will provide future generations with a history of the cars theyre buying and will, if.

This shelby, number 64 is as listed in the shelby american world registry and is fully documented. The shelby cobra is an iconic vehicle many of us dream of owningand theyre being manufactured today in the deserts of nevada. Auto history preservation society tech pages article. More than just a registration of your base vehicle, its a place to keep records of the changes in ownership and changes to your car through the years. It is the reference book on the shelby american cobras and ford gt40s specific vehicle models listed below. The engine is a period correct castiron ford side oiler 427 with medium riser cylinder heads connected to a correct 4speed gearbox with an. Shelby s continuation series concept was a stroke of genius that has created a whole new generation of great cars, including this absolute jewel, for enthusiasts of all ages. Heres how to get a shelby cobra on the relative cheap.

This marketplace featured listing is a 1965 shelby cobra in henderson, nevada. Buy shelby american world registry online at alibris. This coupe ended its racing career by setting 25 usacfia world records at the. A lorigine, selon le shelby american world registry, le chassis n cox6128 est une. This 1966 shelby gt350 is chassis 64 and is an original fourspeed car. Although the mechanics thought they could repair the damaged wiring within. This gives customers worldwide the opportunity to add shelby flair and. So when it comes to buying and selling a shelby vehicle. Today the gt350 h still presents beautifully, finished as original with correct overspray and usage of red oxide primer.

This registry is for all shelby vehicles produced from 1962 to present. The 50car production run sold out in about 48 hours last year. Printed in hardcover and 1,472 pages thick, this book has the serial number and individual history of every shelby mustang built in 19681970. Shelby american world registry carroll shelby and staff on. This car is listed in the shelby american world registry. Help the mustang owners club of australia to preserve the history of the shelby mustang here in australia. With just 65 miles on the clock, the next steward of this shelby built continuation is like getting the car brand new.

It is one of approximately 255 original sapphire blue gt 350s. There has never been a love affair as lasting as the one the american people have with their automobiles. Shelby american was founded by carroll shelby in 1962 to build and market high performance parts and modified cars for individuals. The csx4000 series was shelby american s answer to the growing number of. We at sixt are here to fix that problem by commissioning a line of exclusive supercharged 2019 shelby gts. A lorigine, selon le shelby american world registry, le chassis ncox6128 est une.

The original shelby documentation includes vehicle order form, invoice to the dealer, shipping documents and accounting documents, and the shelby american registrar serial number verification letter. You can buy the 1966 shelby gt350 ford mustang prototype. Las vegasbusiness wireto celebrate the 50 th anniversary of their fia world championship, shelby american, a wholly owned subsidiary of carroll shelby. Weve already made a significant number of changes, expect to see more coming soon. Car of the year, and was the 1st car on hvas national historic vehicle registry. By larry edsall reprint with permission of the author only. Enter your mobile number or email address below and well send you a link to download the free kindle app. The official shelby american magazine issue 2 by shelby. We have the years listed to get to sections quickly.

Cobra daytona coupe, but, in 1965, shelby won the constructors gt world. The cars werent that old and, as used muscle cars, their depreciation slide was beginning to end. The reason for that is that the registry is an unimpeachable source of specific information on these cars. Shelby american unveils 2015 shelby gt at barrettjackson. There are no words to describe the incredible depth, breadth and value of the saac world registry. But there were actual shelby coupes sold as shelbys with shelby drivetrains, suspension and so on. Then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer no kindle. What you will receive when the process is over is a car with a shelby american csm number for documentation in the official shelby american worldwide registry. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Shelby cobra daytona coupe in historic vehicle registry. Chevy, ford, dodge, pontiac, european makes, asian makes and many more. The motivation behind the development of a world beating gt race car was to. But, each car will be specially registered and have a unique place in the shelby american world registry, not to mention american muscle car history. The gulfshore mustang club of southwest florida is a nonprofit, volunteer group of mustang enthusiasts, chartered by the mustang club of america, and dedicated to the heritage, restoration and preservation of all ford mustangs.

Under no circumstances shall any of the contents of this program be shared with any outside agency without the express written consent of shelby management. The company was based at santa fe springs, california 1962, venice, california 19621967. The cars were raced all over the world by shelbys own drivers and. When saac was started in 1976, nobody gave much thought to a registry.

Its not a shelby, its steve cumbers wild 88 gt hatch. The components became increasingly rare during the 1970s, making it difficult to maintain and repair the cars. The name carroll shelby is well known in the world of performance automobiles. In 2019, well be heading around the world, traveling to. These are the first v8powered american cars offered by a national rental car chain. Las vegasbusiness wire shelby american, a wholly owned subsidiary of carroll shelby. Each car will be built to order and bear a shelby american csx5500 series serial number that will be recorded in the official shelby american registry. Shelby american brings worlds most powerful street.

Founded by carroll shelby in 2008, team shelby is a club driven by over 50 years of passion, performance and pedigree. The official shelby american magazine issue 1 by shelby. And as with all shelbys, this exceptional car is welcomed by the shelby american automobile club and is eligible for the world shelby registry. With the iconic ford mustang pony car available worldwide, shelby american. This book is the world registry for the famed shelby cobra, shelby mustang and ford gt series cars produced between 1962 and 1970, listing production figures, ownership records, equipment for standard, factory.

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